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12 thoughts on “ESPixelStick V2 Assembly and Usage Manual

  • Brandon

    I have several strings of 100 ws2811 pixels. I have nodemcu boards that have 4 available I/O pins. Is it possible to use multiple pins to run pixels?

  • AJ Reynolds

    I had a power hit and blew out the regulators on 2 of my V2 ESPixelSticks, The PCB is fine but I need to replace the regulator, what part do I need to get to repair them? I’m unable to read the top due to a small hole that was created when they released the magic smoke.

  • kamal sonani

    hey Merrick,

    i found one silly spot on your “ESPSFlashTool.jar”
    when ssid & password’s value return values in string type make sure all characters are convert in string.

    Ex:- i have 2 ssid in my Lab
    esp is trying to join “Kmlu0027s_Lab” rather then
    SSID 1:- Kml’s_lab
    SSID 2:- Kml’s_Guest

    & “u0027s” >> is UNICODE value of ( ‘ )

    All n all Thanks for share your idea.


    Hello Shelby,
    My name is Henrique, I am from Brazil and I have little experience in use the ESP- Module.
    But I would like very much to do my own ESPixelStick and so I did the board using the schema of the Assembly and Usage.
    I did the first step and I did the upload how is wrote and until here nothing problem.
    But I have some doubt how can I use the web browse for to configure the IP and other information for that I can to use together with Xlight 4 and see my mini tree works.
    Please can you help me

      • HENRIQUE

        Hi Shelby,
        I am using the Flash tool,
        when I upload the information the Serial Output show me symbols and number that not have nothing how number the IP.

        Because this I don’t know what is number of IP that is in my Module.

        Do you know what can be happening ?

        Please help me.