How to repair Nano CP X Landing Gear

Here’s a quick way to repair and strengthen your Nano CP X landing gear, getting you back in the air within the hour!  About four packs into my new Nano CP X, I managed to snap the landing gear.  The stock gear is pretty worthless in its factory form.  There are some nice aftermarket options available, but I wasn’t ready to wait a week to get flying again.  Some music wire, Kevlar thread, and CA is all you need.  I had some music wire (old airplane pushrods) laying around, but no Kevlar thread and all my CA was dried up.  A quick trip to Wal-Mart scored me some Spiderwire 20lb EZ Braid line and a 4 pack of Permatex Super Glue for $.97 in the auto section.  Not ideal as the Dyneema fibers in the EZ Braid are simliar to the Spectra stuff and it doesn’t really wick the CA in that well, but its good enough for this application.

To start, bend some music wire to conform as closely as possible to the contour of the legs.  Some pliers and your thumbs is all you need for this. On this particular set of gear, I had broken the top left leg were it attaches to the cross brace.  Use a little dab of the glue of your choice to temporarily hold the broken area in place.

Nano CP X Landing Gear Repair - Step 1

Take a dab of hot glue and temporarily attach the music wire reinforcement.  You’ll pick this glue off later when wrapping.

Nano CP X Landing Gear Repair - Step 2

Using your wrapping thread, start with loop around mounting post and work your way down the leg.

Nano CP X Landing Gear Repair - Step 3

Nano CP X Landing Gear Repair - Step 4

Tie the bottom off, remove your temporary glob of hot glue and wrap the other leg.  After both legs are wrapped, coat the thread with just enough CA to wick and seal the thread.

Nano CP X Landing Gear Repair - Step 5

Let the CA set up and you’re ready to fly again!  I only did front legs as I haven’t had an issue with back ones yet.  The added weight is negligible and I haven’t experienced any adverse flight characteristics with this repair.  Everything feels just as balanced in the air as it was before.


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