Shelby Merrick

ESPixelStick V2 Group Buy

This post has been updated for the first round of 2017 Group Buys. This buy will last 3 weeks, ending on February 10th and I expect to start shipping boards out the week of March 13th. All orders for the group buy must be placed and paid for by midnight […]

ESPixelStick Group Buy

The ESPixelStick Group Buy is here!  Details can be found on and  Everything you want to know about the ESPixelStick can be found at  The group buy ends on 8/23, so get it in quick!


ESPixelStick – An E1.31 WiFi Pixel Controller What is it? A cost effective solution for driving a universe of pixels via E1.31 over WiFi.  The controller itself fits in 1″ thin wall PVC to enable embedding with the fixture its controlling. From a hardware perspective, the ESPixelStick is a pixel driver […]

How to configure an AVR XMega for 32MHz

Here’s how to quickly and easily get your Atmel AVR XMEGA running at a very stable 32MHz without a crystal.  This will enable both the 32Khz and 32MHz internal oscillators, using the 32KHz oscillator for DFLL calibration and switch the XMEGA to the 32MHz clock.  I’ve used the USART at […]