WS2811 the Easy Way with XCL on a Xmega8E5

Want pure hardware generation of  a WS2811 signal?  No funky buffers that take CPU time to setup or tricks to bend SPI to your will?  Here’s a straight pure hardware way to generate a WS2811 stream with minimal CPU time on a Xmega8E5 by taking advantage of the XCL (XMEGA Custom […]


How to configure an AVR XMega for 32MHz

Here’s how to quickly and easily get your Atmel AVR XMEGA running at a very stable 32MHz without a crystal.  This will enable both the 32Khz and 32MHz internal oscillators, using the 32KHz oscillator for DFLL calibration and switch the XMEGA to the 32MHz clock.  I’ve used the USART at […]

How to repair Nano CP X Landing Gear

Here’s a quick way to repair and strengthen your Nano CP X landing gear, getting you back in the air within the hour!  About four packs into my new Nano CP X, I managed to snap the landing gear.  The stock gear is pretty worthless in its factory form.  There […]

Nano CP X Landing Gear Repair - Step 5


FloodBrain – 18 Channel 10W RGB LED Floodlight System

Here’s a few details on the flood light system I designed for our Halloween display this year.  This is the first real project I’ve ever done from scratch with a micro of any kind.  I’ve dabbled with AVRs on breadboards and built my fair share of kits, but had never […]

How to make a Ridgid R4512 Zero Clearance Insert

DIY Zero Clearance Insert for a Ridgid R4512 Here’s a quick and easy way how to make a Ridgid R4512 Zero Clearance Insert.  All you need is some 3/16″ hardboard, screws (or carpet tape), and a flush trim router bit. How to do it Trace out your OEM insert onto the […]

R4512 ZCI